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Madrid Fusión 2015 Travelling Cuisines

Chefs News2014-12-10


Madrid Fusión 2015

2 to 4 February




A passionate journey through international culinary culture

Three days of experiences and learning through four types of cuisine: sweet, savoury, liquid and frozen.

Two summits in one: Avant-garde at Madrid Fusión and tradition at Tasting Spain

Over 100 chefs from 12 countries, 75 demos, 18 training workshops, 7 competitions, auctions and awards.



Guest country: China, at the source of the world’s culinary culture.

Guest city: Helsinki, new European culinary destination.

Pacific Rim: journey through the culinary fusion of America and Asia. The Spanish origin of California’s vineyards. From the Philippines to Mexico, the Nao de China and the origin of Mexican ceviches. The Baja Med movement. The modern culinary heritage of the coasts of Japan and Peru. Colombia, an unprecedented fusion.


Tour the world with:

Akrame Benallal, two Michelin stars in three years and his third within reach, the chef who, indifferent to trends and academism, revolutionised Paris.

Joël Robuchon, the chef with the most Michelin stars (27) in the world.

Da Dong, undisputed master of Chinese cuisine, head of a hospitality empire.

Andoni L. Aduriz, whose culinary philosophy has spread throughout the world thanks to the dozens of disciples trained at Mugaritz.

Jari Vesivalo, Helsinki, new leader of Scandinavian cuisine.

Mitsuharo Tsumura, Nikkei cuisine’s most important ambassador.

Diego Hernández and Elsa Judith Olmos, representatives of the unstoppable Baja Med movement in Baja California.

Leonor Espinosa, chef who has revamped Colombian culinary fusion.

Yoshihiro Narisawa, interpreter of time and nature in Japan.


Gastón Acurio, Sergi Arola, Javier Arroyo, Elena Arzak, Eneko Atxa, Sergio Bastard, Jordi Butrón, Ricard Camarena, Tony Conigliaro, Rodrigo de la Calle, Miguel Ángel de la Cruz, Carlos de Pablo, Tomás Écija, Margarita Fores, Josep Freixa, Ramón Freixa, Dani García, Andreu Genestra, José Enrique González, José María Guerola, José Luis Jiménez, Bernard Lahousse, Filip Langhoff, Iñigo Lavado, Corey Lee, Ángel León, Alvin Leung Jr, Nacho Manzano, Virgilio Martínez, Marta Miguel, Paco Morales, Carlos Moreno, David Muñoz, Tatsuo Nishizawa, Javier Olleros, Elsa Judith Olmos, Francis Paniego, Daniel Patterson, Jean-François Piège, David Ríos, Joan Roca, Paco Roncero, Fernando Sáenz, Kasper Salomäki, Jesús Sánchez, Mario Sandoval, Myrna Segismundo, Tom Sellers, Timo Siitonen, Héctor Solis, Pepe Solla, Chan Yan Tak, Carles Tejedor, Sergio y Javier Torres, Óscar Velasco…

ENOFUSIÓN: The “wine island”, tastings, VIPs and pairings



Spanish chefs celebrated worldwide


Culinary leaders of Marca España:


Jorge Ordóñez, ambassador of Spanish wines in the USA

Marcos Fernández, the success of Ibérica London


Map of flavours, Spanish sushi, Humble ingredients of haute cuisine, The sweet universe, Inheritance and innovation, Distant products and local identity, The tapas tour, Spanish culinary destinations…


Chefs at Tasting Spain 2015: Josean Alija, Eneko Atxa, Marcos Fernández, Ramón Freixa, Pedro Larumbe, Nacho Manzano, Ester Manzano, Marcos Morán, Javier Olleros, Jorge Ordóñez, Paco Pérez, Fina Puigdevall, Albert Raurich, Paco Roncero, María José San Román, Mario Sandoval, Pedro Subijana, Paco Torreblanca, Sergio y Javier Torres, Ricardo Vélez…








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